Welcome to DMN's API Documentation!

With our powerful API, you can manage your fleet, and movement bookings, retrieve inspection data and integrate DMN's systems and processes into your software.

DMN Logistics API Documentation

DMN Logistics API is a JSON based API allowing customers pull and push details about their accounts including movement data, fleet management and stored vehicles.

DMN can also push updates to your services though webhooks, for more information on webhooks please contact DMNLogistics for this feature to be enabled.


DMN API Requests are made to https://api.dmnlogistics.co.uk


Authentication is completed using Bearer Token. You will be issued with a bearer token after your account has been setup. To revoke or regenerate a Bearer token please contact your account manager.

Access to our API is restricted to specific IP addresses, you will need to inform DMN of all IP addresses that you intend to use when accessing the API.

DMN API IP ddresses

DMN Logistics requests to customer APIs as well as webhook notifications will originate from one of the following IP addresses:

  • / 32
  • / 32
  • / 32


Development is available using a dedicated development endpoint that points to a development environment for testing of booking jobs. Jobs are automatically progressed in this environment allowing you to test fetching job data, as well as receiving webhook calls.

Access to the sandbox API is available at https://api.sandbox.dmnlogistics.co.uk